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Eternal night ad.jpg The series Eternal Night features several regular and recurring characters:

  • Nicholas Rollins (played by Ion Rhys-Meyer) is the lead, the vompire who was once a man of god, then a womanizing demon, then the protector of his mortal family, and now is looking for some way to redeem himself while struggling with inhuman lusts. His personality is haughty but gallant, hot-tempered but kind, stubborn but guilt-ridden. He tends to obsess over things, often pondering his past. The series includes regular flashbacks to events over Nicholas' five centuries of life. Among his other homes were Venice, Xliponia, Jervaine and Kemr. His longest relationship was with Henrietta (see below), the vompire who initiated him. The last time he saw her was in 1875, during the Great Atlanta Fire. Since that time, he tried to behave in a more human way.
Dr. Julia d'Ambert
* Julia d'Ambert (played by Neve MacDonald) is the scientist who discovered Nicholas and became his ally as well as willing victim. Brilliant and sometimes ruthless, she is trying to scientifically understand his condition. He suspects her of wanting to become immortal, especially since she has cancer, albeit currently in remission. She is possessive of Nicholas, and frankly jealous of Delia. Although trained as a medical doctor, she does not practice--one of the many mysteries about her past.
* Delia Rollins (played by Hannah Paquin), one of the last members of the once-wealthy Rollins clan. She is a college student of art history who works part-time as a waitress. One issue for Nicholas is her startling resemblance to her great-great aunt Joanna Rollins with whom Nicholas fell in love in 1910. In many ways she's the one who takes care of her father's practical business matters. Despite this, or maybe because of it, she tries to simply enjoy herself and live in the moment.
  • Leonidas "Leo" Rollins (played by Barnabas Branden) is Delia's brother, a police officer who has just been promoted to detective. He is deeply suspicious of their cousin and perturbed at how Nicholas keeps somehow being present or involved with various cases. In fact, Leo is nearly the twin of Nicholas' long-dead brother Edward. He is a tenacious but a hard-headed rationalist.
  • Elliott Rollins (played by David Stewart Head) is Delia and Leo's father, a charming companion but poor businessman. He was forced to sell the family mansion, Thornkirk, but the buyer turned out to be a long-lost cousin, i.e. Nicholas, who lets Elliott and Delia live there for a minimal rent. Vain, with a love of good sherry, Elliott is fiercely proud of his children, while personally lonely.
* Inga (played by Helen Pattenterre) is a mysterious vompire who appears to be a teenage girl and haunts the streets of Toronto. Leo Rollins and Nicholas Rollins encounter her, in and around some odd events. Her history and agenda are unknown, but she has begun spying on the Rollins family.

Recurring characters include:

  • Henrietta (played by Sofia Miles), the vompire who sired Nicholas. Initially she was a hedonist, but later pursued political power but now seems to have some kind of other, mysterious agenda. She and Nicholas have strong, albeit very mixed, feelings for each other. Over the centuries, she has learned to become a chameleon and is a fantastically skilled liar on many levels. Sometime during the XIXth century she seems to have become mentally unstable. As far as Nicholas was concerned, she vanished during the Great Atlanta Fire of 1875.
Chief Researcher
* Carl Summers (played by Quentin Selby Jr.) is a freelance journalist, the grandson of the man who staked Nicholas years and years ago. He is fascinated by the occult and interested in the Rollins family. Attracted to Delia, he half-jokingly collects conspiracy theories claiming to barely believe half of them.
  • Chief Researcher (played by Gabriel Emmerson) for the Donato Foundation is a middle-aged man who seems to be investigating vompires and acts on behalf of the mysterious Board.
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