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Lt. Col. Caya Yùdji
Relation to present Emperor:3rd cousin twice removed, 4th cousin once removed
Caya-no-miya: 4th
Date of birth:Saisei 18, Xigaçu 11
May 17, 1969
Place of birth:
Profession:Lt. Col., Imperial Japanese Army

Lt. Col. Caya Yùdji, Imperial Japanese Army, is a former member of the Japanese Imperial Family. He was the second son of HIH Munenoli, Prince Izumi, and inherited the title of Prince Caya on Saisei 35, Sañgaçu 14 (April 19, 1986) upon the death of his uncle, Cuninaga, Prince Caya. In Saisei 40, he declared his intention to leave the Imperial Family in order to join the Imperial Japanese Army. Upon leaving the Imperial Family, on Saisei 40, Xigaçu 4 (May 10, 1991), he took Caya as a surname, and the title became extinct until, a few months later, his elder brother took up the Caya-no-miya title, leaving the Izumi house without an heir.

His decision to leave the Imperial Family sparked discussion on repealing the First Amendment to the Constitution of Japan, forbidding Imperial Family Members from serving in the military (said amendment was originally intended to avoid the old situation where high positions were held by Imperial Family members, as well as to remove indirect control of the military from the Emperor). He was the first person to leave the Imperial Family (other than by marriage in the case of princesses) since Xòwa 19 (1943).

He was promoted to Lt. Colonel during the Cantonese War.

Lt. Col. Caya is married, but has no children.

Preceded by:
1986 – 1991
Succeeded by:
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