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What is known about IB's Charles Darwin dibbler:

> > > As for the rest of you: Carol Darwinhiwn: heretical priest, evolutionary
> > > pioneer, or what? Suggestions?

> > Well, you know I'll have to step out of my cave
> > and vote "heretical priest".

> Carol Darwinhiwn: Heretical Priest, advocating the worship of the
> Peat Bogs in a bizarre mix of Celtic beliefs and Ha├┐tian Voudoun.

Two votes for heretical priest. Charles Darwin is one of those people
who could have been Kemrese. (What to do with the Wedgewoods,
hmmmm.....) Here he almost entered the Anglican church and became a
vicar, abeit an unorthodox one. Instead he set sail around the world.
The reference on the Kemrese timeline refers to his dibbler as Fr.
Darwenhiwn who sailed around the world and reported to the Kemrese
Academy. I suspect he was a heretical cleric of the Cambriese Rite. If
so I would speculate that evolutionary theory in IB was expounded by
somebody else.
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