Cagoxima Province

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Map of Yamato highlighting Cagoxima within Quiùxù
Capital Cagoxima (鹿児島市)
Area 3619.01 SI mi²
Establishment Meidji 4, Rocugaçu 9 (July 14, 1871)

Cagoxima Province (鹿児島県, -quen) is the southernmost province of Yamato, located in the Quiùxù region.


Cagoxima corresponds to the old lands of Saçuma and Òsumi. Saçuma in particular played a significant role in the Meidji Restoration, being the home of many of the leaders of the Restoration. It was also the home of Admiral Tògò Heihatxirò, who rose to fame during the Sino-Japanese and First Russo-Japanese Wars.


Cagoxima is located at the southwest tip of Quiùxù. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, Cumamoto Province to the north, and Miyazaqui Province to the east, its position made it a 'gateway' to Japan at various times in history.

The province boasts active and dormant volcanoes, including the great Sacuradjima, which towers out of the bay opposite Cagoxima city. A steady trickle of smoke and ash emerges from the caldera, punctuated by louder mini-eruptions on an almost daily basis. On some days in Cagoxima city an umbrella is advisable to ward off the ash. Sacuradjima is one of Japan's most active volcanoes. Major eruptions occurred in 1914, when the island mountain spilled enough material to become permanently connected to the mainland, and a lesser eruption in 1960. Volcanic materials in the soil make Sacuradjima a source for world record 'Daicon' radishes, roughly the size of a basketball. Many beaches around Cagoxima Bay (Quincowan) are littered with well-worn pumice stones. A crater lake in the southwestern tip of the prefecture, near the city of Ibusuqui, is home to a rare species of giant eel.

Cagoxima is slightly smaller than *here*, as the Amami-Òxima islands are part of Lùquiù.

Cagoxima consists of the following cities (note: this may be QAA rather than QSS):

  • Acune
  • Cagoxima
  • Canoya
  • Caseda
  • Cocubu
  • Cuxiquino
  • Ibusuqui
  • Izumi
  • Macurazaqui
  • Nixino'omote
  • Òcutxi
  • Sendai
  • Tarumizu

And the following districts

  • Aira
  • Cagoxima
  • Cawanabe
  • Hioqui
  • Ibusuqui
  • Isa
  • Izumi
  • Quimoçuqui
  • Saçuma
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