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Born in Devon, England, Samantha Hawkins was an athletic prodegy, until a car accident left her unable to walk. She almost gave up on herself, and once attempted suicide, but, after months of therapy, she managed to mentaly recover.

An explosion, similar to the Alteration of Storm Surge, not only restored her ability to walk, but granted her incredible speed.

Later, she met up with Sonique and Boom (according to Memories), two of her fellow protagonists in Sonic Boom


Burst has only one superpower, her incredible speed, which she uses to great effect.

Supporting Characters

Burst is supported by the other members of the League of Righteousness; lately, she works, mostly as a mentor, with (and recurring character), Sonique and Boom in the comic series Sonic Boom (although Sonique, Boom or Harp aren't members of the League).


Burst's enemies include Distruptor, Dream-master and Dementia.

League of Righteousness

Burst is one of the founding-members of the League of Righteousness, and is a member of the League Counicil since it expanded more than a year later.

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