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Battlegame XXI is a sports entertainment version of Battlegame sport, televised in NAL and based on franchise in other countries as well.

The Roman numeral "XXI" here refers to the XXI century. Unlike in typical battlegame, in Battlegame XXI the players typically are able to use a wider array of weaponry. The weaponry of Battlegame XXI is based on real weaponry of the XXI century.

Key differences between Battlegame and Battlegame XXI include:

  • Battlegame XXI has no set plan nor size for the arena. Each game is based on a certain scenario and therefore the plan is different. This plan includes much more types of elements than in typical Battlegame. It may include towers, debris, buildings, ponds, etc.
  • In battlegame XXI additional weapons are used, including anti-personell mines, machine-guns and sniper rifles.
  • The teams are permitted to choose what weapons each member would take.
  • The size of teams is not fixed and may change based on scenario.
  • Due to the wide availability of weapons, there are new specialised roles in the teams. One such role, for example, is an air force operator. It includes flying the radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters throwing paint bombs on opponents; these planes may be "shot down" by special AA weapons that disables them.
  • Radios are available for every player so they can easily contact each other without need to scream code-words. Of course, radio conversations may also be overheard and decoded.
  • In order to remain interesting to the viewers there are many different settings for the Battlegame XXI and map of the ground, number of players in teams, available weapons and some other rules depends on these "settings". For example in the setting "Urban siege" one team, equiped with better weaponry and larger in numbers, attack a building where other team is hiding at. This other team knows the map of the building in advance whether the attacking team does not. In the setting "River" there is a river between the teams which can be crossed only at certain bridge. Some settings are "flagless" which means elmination is the only possible victory.
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