Banco Nacional de Tejas

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Banco Nacional de Tejas
Banco Nacional de Tejas logo
Type Public company
Slogan Slogan
Founded 1873
Location San Antonio, Tejas
Key people XX YY, CEO & Director
Employees 6,037
Industry Banking
Products Mortgages
Private & Public Loans
Financial Services
Off-Shore Banking
Revenue Red down.pngTP17 million (fiscal 2004)

Banco Nacional de Tejas has been a banking force within Tejas for the better part of 150 years. In recent years there has been a down-turn in BNT's influence as the Bush Regime took its toll on the entire economy of the nation.


Banco Nacional de Tejas was formed with the merger of the Banco Nacional Tejano and the Banco Mercantil de Tejas in 1873. Branch offices were found in Houston, San-Antonio, Corpus Christi, San Angelo, and in Albuquerque. A branch was established in De Soto in 1874.

The Banco Nacional printed all Tejan banknotes during the period of the Republic from 1904-1909. This ended once the Monarchy was restored in 1909.

In 1915 Banco Nacional de Tejas underwent a major restructuring and was the first Castilian-American bank represented in New Amsterdam in 1917. During this period of Monarchy the BNT introduced several banking innovations, including savings-accounts, personal credit lines and credit cards.

When Jorge Walker Bush took control of the Tejan government one of his first acts was the nationalizing of all financial institutions. During the Bush regime BNT served as a nationally owned credit-association.

Since restoration of the monarchy, BNT has managed to stay in business, however it was on the brink of teetering when bought by Credit Louisiannais. It is run by the newly created AmeriGroup, based in New Sweden.

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