Azıza Şahıdı

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Azıza Şahıdı
Azıza Şahıdı
Title: Foreign Minister of Turkestan
 Term in office: 2007–Present
 Predecessor: Asxat Akan-ulı
 Successor: Incumbent
Title: Special Minister for Qaşgar, Turkestan
 Term in office: 1997–2007
 Predecessor: None
 Successor: SUCCESSOR
 Date: 28- Mizäm, Qoı jıl 1967
(28th June 1967)
 Place: Düşönbö, Tajikistan
Profession: Politician
Political Party: Transnational Party
Relgious Affiliation: Islam


Azıza Şahıdı is the current Foreign Minister of Turkestan and head of the Transnational Party. As such, she and her party have had considerable influence in shaping Turkestan's foreign policy and encouraging its membership in various alliances and international bodies.

Azıza tätä was the first Special Minister for the Qaşgar region; this was her first high-profile role in the Turkestani government. From the outset, she has tried to be evenhanded towards the large and fairly hostile Uygur minority in the region, and this has gone some way towards defusing some of the tension in the region left over from the Qaşgar War. Despite the reputation she has established for evenhandedness, her party's platform and the leaning towards pan-Turkism among many of its rank-and-file members makes many Uygurs nervous and suspicious of her motives.

In 2007 she took over the Foreign Ministry from Asxat Akan-ulı, head of the Liberal Party.

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