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Òca-no-miya Ayaco Naixinnò
Relation to present Emperor: Aunt
Imperial Ancestry (male line): Granddaughter of Emperor Saisei
Date of birth: Saisei 46, Sangaçu 1
April 6, 1997
Place of birth:
Profession:College student

Her Imperial Highness Ayaco, Princess Òca was formerly the youngest member of the main branch of the Imperial Family until the birth of her nephews, the present Emperor and Prince Nolihito. She was something of a surprise when the Crown Princess announced her pregnancy, and sparked discussion of changing the Succession Law to make daughters the equal of sons, in the event that the unborn child proved to be male. Though such a change was not made, a special decree was issued keeping Princess Toxi first in line.


In Saisei 50 (2001), the Imperial Household Ministry acknowledged that Princess Ayaco had been diagnosed with autism. Princess Ayaco has been diagnosed as high-functioning autistic. Unlike in earlier periods, though, it was decided that the princess would not be hidden away, but that her condition would be acknowledged.

Currently, she is enrolled at Quioto University as an arts major. She also draws and pens dodjinxi manga, which like her older sister Çuneco, gained notoriety. She also made some artwork for the animated adaptation of the Queen of Cantica series in 2014.

The then-Crown Prince established the Princess Òca Autism Research Foundation in that same year, which, with the patronage of the Imperial Family, has become one of the largest autism research organizations in Japan.

Preceded by:
Çuneco, Princess Heian
Succession to the Chrysanthemum Throne Followed by:
Fumihito, Prince Aquixino
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