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Prime Minister of Dalmatia since 1999 (Social Credit)

Born July 11, 1947, Agram, Danubian Confederation.

Leader of the Dalmatian Social Credit Party, member of Parliament for the Toarzac riding. He became the second Prime Minister of Dalmatia after independence when his Social Credit Party defeated the incumbent Dalmatian Radical Party led by Radu Pilatu.

Ybl has been heavily involved with the Slovenian question, including several meetings with Slovenian President-in-exile Tomaz Hostnik. These meetings were held with the explicit acknowledgement that Ybl was acting in his capacity as Prime Minister of Dalmatia, thus acknowledging Hostnik as the head of a sovereign state, a move which has caused repeated tensions with Croatia. Most recently, in June 2010 Ybl, along with the heads of state of the member states of the Balkan Defence Agreement announced full diplomatic recognition of Slovenia and Istria.

2001 - On May 4, Aurial Ybl, along with Hungarian regent Istvan Eszterhazy and Muntenian Chancellor Gheorghe Raducioiu signed an agreement establishing the framework for a mutual defence treaty between the three countries, a move which resulted in the establishment of the Tripartite Battalion, a military rapid-response unit comprised of officers and troops from all three nations. The Tripartite Battalion saw combat in the Dalmato-Sanjak War. On March 31, 2003, this pact was formally expanded into the Balkan Defence Agreement, and the former Tripartite Battalion became the core for the construction of a new International Regiment.

2002 - November 22, Aurial Ybl and Ajatallah Mustafa Izetbegovic sign a ceasefire agreement ending the Dalmato-Sanjak War.

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