Aumaetruc, S. A.

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Aumaetruc, S. A.
Type Public company
Slogan none
Founded 1923
Location Paris, France; Reondradun, Jervaine
Key people Andé fih Luege, CEO
Laric fih Haeder, Director
Employees 97,264
Industry Railway Manufacturer
Products Trains, Railway products
Revenue Green up.png€45 million £Fr fiscal 2008

Founded in 1923 the Ausaedsa Maenca Tructinde, Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques or Alsace Machine Construction Company1 began in a small barn just outside of Belfort, France. Its founders were Auberde fih Siove and Georges Tisserand. It quickly grew to encompass much of the Railways industry, culminating in the TGV.

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