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  • Φαρ Αθωνίτ (Far Athōnít), the Athonite Beacon, is the weekly newspaper of the Monastic Republic. It reports on local news from the Lowland and the Isles and whatever news is submitted from the monasteries.
  • It was first published on January 4, 1939. The first editor was George Eatros.
  • Each edition contains news of local events, family news, a calendar of events, obituaries, sports, an editorial, letters to the editor, public record and public announcements. Pertinent stories from the Hellenic Empire are also printed.
  • The newspaper accepts paid advertisements and there is a classified section.
  • The newspaper is printed in tabloid size (430 mm x 280 mm) on light green paper, six or eight pages per issue.
  • It is printed on Mondays for distribution on Tuesdays, covering the news from the previous week.
  • The current subscription price is one mina per year. Individual copies sell for two drachmas.
  • The newspaper has a staff of seven employees:
    • the manager/editor;
    • an assistant editor who is responsible for the obituaries, advertising, the classifieds, the public record and the public announcements;
    • three reporters who write the local news, family news, sports, and the calendar of events for the townships;
    • and two printers.
  • The newpapers are delivered by teen-agers who are paid for their services, 5 lepta per customer.
  • Nikolas Eatros has been the editor since 1988.
  • Citizens interested in world events subscribe to one of the newspapers of the Hellenic Empire.
  • The newspaper also prints the phone books for the telephone company.
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