Archipélago Revillagigedo

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The Archipélago Revillagigedo is considered Alta California's most southerly territory. there are four principal islands: Clarión, Socorro, Roca Partida, San Benedicto. Of the four, only Clarión, Socorro, and San Benedicto have any notable land mass. All three islands have small naval facilities. Clarión's is the smallest, less than 20 men which are stationed there only for several months at a time. San Benedicto's original naval station was destroyed by an eruption of its principal peak on August 1, 1952, which lasted until February 24th, 1953. Most of the orignal flora and fauna was destroyed in the eruption. A new naval base which was much smaller was rebuilt, and like that on Clarión, is manned by small garrisons for a few months of the year.

Socorro is the only island to have a population larger than 20 people. There is a small village where the families of men stationed on all three islands live and work. The village numbers about 300 people. The village church forms the center of the town. The village is located at a cove with a rocky beach. Water is piped in from a major spring. The island has a tropical dry broadleaf forest, but within the village and close to the shore there are imported coconut palms planted, and each house has a garden where all of the produce for each family is grown. Most of the protein comes from imported foods or locally caught fish. Chickens are raised for eggs and meat.

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