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Angelique Jones (b. 1928) is an English actress best known for her waifish beauty and comedic timing. Her film career peaked in the 1950s and early 1960s. Jones' pale skin and voluptuous figure, coupled with large blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, made her quite memorable to fans who continue to organize themselves into clubs to this day.

She first gained recognition as the French maid Yvette in the drawing room comedy Clues For Dinner (1952). She had moved to the NAL following the Second Great War. But she is probably best remembered for a trilogy of horror films: Countess Blood (1955), The Monster From Hell (1956) and Sisters of Evil (1957). She did make several other films, the most prominent of which was almost certainly License to Slay (1960) in which she played a Prussian spy during the First Great War.

Jones was briefly married to Douglas Fairfax from 1961-62. She filed for divorce, citing his unfaithfulness as the cause. She has sometimes hinted the relative scarcity of her film work since then was at least partically the result of Fairfax's friends in the industry. Still, she worked extensively in English and Scottish television, and continued to do so until her official retirement in 1993.

In 1965 she married a dentist named Samuel Dennis. They adopted a son, Uther, in 1969.

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