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Anders And is Valdemar Ditzenø's famous character in several of his films. To English speakers, he is known as Donald Duck. His first appearance was in "Den Vise Lille Høne" ("The Wise Little Hen"), 1937. Anders And, as the comic book character, was developed by the publishing group Egmont. In the animated films, he was for the most part lazy and short tempered.

To make him usable for the comic book industry, Egmont gave him some personality. They gave him a town to live in, Andeby (Duckville) in the Scandinavian state of Qvenmark, with citizens like the rich Onkel Skrue von And, the lucky Fætter Høgben, and the clever inventor Georg Gearløse. Anders lives in Paradisæppleveg 111, with his three nephews, Rip, Rap, and Rup, who are all identical except for the colour of their hats. Anders's parents, who has never appeared in film or the comics, are Hortensia von And and Rapmus And. He reputedly also has a twin sister, Della And, who also has never appeared in the comics or on film. Ever since the film, "Hr. And Træder Ut" ("Mr. Duck Steps Out"), Anders's girlfriend has been Andersine And.

He is known by various other names around the globe:

  • Anders And (Scandinavian)
  • Donald Duck (English)
  • Evert Eend (Dutch, Cruzan)
  • Christian Canard (French?)
  • Anać Anders (Wenedyk)
  • Ahiru Aquira - 鶩明 (Japanese)
  • Ürküt Üyräk (InterTurkic)
  • Antre Anaiç (Xliponian)
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