Alouicious Dobbs

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Alouicious Dobbs
Order: 24th Prefect of Osage
Term of Office: 1 Vendémiaire, CCIX (23 September, 2000) - 5 Sans-Culottides, CCXVII (22 September, 2009)
Predecessor: Jean-François Young
Successor: Claire Miquasquille
Date of birth: 9 Vendémiaire CLI (1 October, 1942)
Date of death: None
Place of birth:Le Caillou, Saint-Louis, Louisianne
Profession: Lawyer, Economist, Politician
Political Party: Free Republicans (Républicains Libres)
Relgious Affiliation: Catholic

Alouicious Dobbs has been an economist, a bureaucrat in the Banque Nationale, and now serves as Prefect of Osage. It's because of his conservative immigration/emmigration policies that Louisiannan industry has flourished, as he's lobbied for and implemented grants and low-interest loans for inventors, as well as tax-breaks for companies willing to relocate to Osage.


Prefectoral Administration

Inaugural Portrait of Alouicious Dobbs

Dobbs began his term of office when Jean-François Young was elected First-President after the death of Marc-Albert Mitterand in 2000. Dobbs served for the remaining two years of Jean-François Young, and then in 2002 (an CCXI) he was elected in his own right to serve as Prefect of Osage.

Prefect Dobbs has brough much manufacturing to the cities of Osage, and has been pivotal in negotiations involving Dorris Motorworks' 2005 merger with Miçubixi Motors.

An economic downturn in the NAL-SLC in 2008 produced an increased demand for Louisiannan goods given that they often sell for a lesser price than similarly made NAL goods. Dobbs lobbied successfully to his constituents to allow a tax-break for any industries relocating to Osage.

In 2009, Dobbs announced his retirement from public service following the election later that year.

Preceded by:
Jean-François Young
Prefect of Osage
Succeeded by:
Claire Miquasquille
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