Alexandru I

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Alexandru I
Alexander Ioan Cuza.jpg
Title: King of Muntenia
Predecessor: None
Successor: Alexandru II
Birth: March 20, 1820
Birth: May 15, 1879
Profession: Soldier, Politician
Political Party: Various
Relgious Affiliation: Romanian Orthodox
Family Alexandru (son), Elena Rosetti (wife), Ispravnic Ioan Cuza (father), Sultana (mother)

Alexandru I (1820-1879) was the first King of Muntenia. His given name was Alexandru Ioan Cuza. He belonged to the boyar class but received a European education in France prior to serving in the Muntenian Army. He rose to the rank of colonel. However, his efforts on behalf of an independent Romania forestalled his military career. Instead, he became a leader in efforts to sever Romania from Hungary. Apart from founding universities and championing the rights of peasants, he also reformed the Muntenian Army into a modern form. He was also a key player in the negotiations that created what became his homeland. uza came to embody the hopes of Romania proper and the arms of the current Romanian Federation are based upon his royal arms. Alexandru's prestige and rank eventually led to his being chosen Domnitor, later King, of the united principalities of Muntenia.

His dream was to unite all Romania into an independent state, a goal so far never achieved. In fact, he enjoyed his throne less than two full years before his own death. Nevertheless, he was the founder of the House of Cuza. His own very popular son Alexandru II succeeded him.

Preceded by:
Position created
Flag muntenia royal5.jpg
King of Muntenia
Succeeded by:
'Alexandru II'
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