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Alexandra Theodopolous-Palaiologos
Portrait Alexandra.jpg
Empress of Hellenic Empire Alexandra I
Empress of Greek Somaliland Alexandra I
Duchess of Sparta Alexandra XXVI
Queen of Macedonia
Reign: 2008 to the present.
Predecessor: Position created
Predecessor: Incumbent
Birth: 4/29/1983
Profession: Humanitarian, Model, biologist, actress
Political Party: The Imperialist Party
Relgious Affiliation: Orthodox Christian (formerly Greek Buddhist and Lutheran before that)
Consort: Emperor Constantine Palaiologos XII
Personal Arms Alexandra arms.jpg

Alexandra was the neice of Arch-Queen Margrethe II of the Scandinavian Realm born in Sparta, Laconia. She is actually more Danish, German, Swedish, and British then Greek, making her less popular with her supposed subjects.

When Paul died suddenly and his nephew was the heir apparant, Greece's people saw the coming of a crisis. The young king had no wife, and for him not to get married or wed too old would mean one problem; he would have no heir. The defacto government ruling until the new king could be brought from Louisianne decided that the nobility (themselves) was the most logical choice; not a the daughter of a foreigner. Searching for a distant relative of the King living within the Motherland. Who they found was Alexandra;

General strikes crippled whole cities, while petitions to disinherit her or abolish the monarchy were circulated. One reason for this was the increasing unpopularity of the late King. Another was the perception that Alexandria herself was not truly Greek. She was also viewed as a frivolous young person as opposed to someone upon whom the hopes and dreams of resurgent nation could depend.

The political compromise reached within two weeks of her uncle's death was for her to marry the ever-popular Constantine Palaiologos, who was initially King to her Queen. When Constantine changed Greece from a kingdom to an Empire, and the monarch's title of "King of the Hellenes" to "Emperor of the Hellenic Empire", she became "Empress of the Hellenic Empire.


Early Life

Alexandra was born to Irene Oldenburg and (insert Danish name here) Theodopolous. She lived a very sheltered life as a child and was given everything she wanted. When she reached the teenage years, she became part of the Mile High Set. She grew up with friends such as Nicola Vlas-Florea, Antonia Guelph, and the late Philly Gore. She developed a love of nature and gained a degree in biology.

Other Careers

Near Exile

Marriage to Constantine

Humanitarian Effort

Preceded by:
Paul II
Greek flag.gif
Queen of the Hellenes
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