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Ducato di Alba
Duchy of Alba
Official Piedmontese, Ligurian and Italian
Other Genoese and Proven├žal
Capital Alba
Important Cities
Duke Norberto II (ascended in 1963)
Prime Minister Roberto Minganelli (elected 16 April, 2002)
Government type Constitutional monarchy
Population 58,000
Main industries Industrial Machinery, Tool Machinery, Wine.
Organizations Part of Italy

Alba is possibly the largest in size of the following minor states in Italy. It lies between Liguria and Piedmont and the Montferrat.


Duke is nominal Head of State. The people elect a 45 member Parliament every 5 years, who then elects Prime Minister. Ministers are appointed by Prime Minister.

The current Prime Minister is Roberto Minganelli, Democratic Left, elected 16 April 2002. The government is a coalition of the Democratic Left, the Radical Party, the Italian Socialists and the Green List.


Alba emerged as an independent city state during the aftermath of the Visconti divide (See Lombardy). In 1489 the Ghismondi family took control and proclaimed themselves princes. In 1801 Napoleon conquered Alba and expelled its princely family. Alba became part of the Cisligurian Department. With the break-up of the Republic of Lombardy the princely heir was offered to be Head of State of the newly created Duchy of Alba. Alba was an original member of the Italian Union.

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