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Aerolt is the flag-carrier airline of Oltenia. It is a medium-sized international air and freight line with a main hub in Piatra Neamt and a secondary hub in Rǎmnicu Vǎlcea. It officially has a total of 110 airships, with more than half that are freight only ships. Most of its ships are from Wenedyk Hindenburg S.A. including the stratoliner. Future planes are to obtain government aid to add a fleet of three aeroscrafts to their fleet.


After the Second Great War Oltenia's industry was completely rebuilt, and when SNOR-ist rule ended, the government organized a massive air corps. And then the need for a national airline arose. So the government assisted in the organization of Aerolt. It had a strong beginning with the government supplying brand new airships to the company. Its original list of cities it served included its main hub in Piatra Neamt, Focş Ani, Bacǎu, a secondary hub in Rǎmnicu Vǎlcea, Tǎrgovişte, Reşiţa, and Timişoara.

Current destinations


In Oltenia

  • Piatra NeamtFocş
  • Ani, Bacǎu
  • Rǎmnicu Vǎlcea
  • Tǎrgovişte
  • Reşiţa
  • Timişoara


  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Alexandria, Ethiopia
  • Asmara, Eritrea
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Khartoum, Egypt
  • Tunis, Carthage, Two Sicilies


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