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Administrative districts

There are four administrative districts, known as demes (δήμος).

  • The Holy Mountain itself.
  • The island of Amoulián.
  • The Lowland is divided into two districts by the Xerxes Canal:
    • Prosforion on the eastern side.
    • Aktí on the western side.


There are three towns, one village and one gendarmery post in the Monastic Republic.

  • Towns (πολ)
    • Prosforion is on the bay side of the peninsula, the west coast, close to the border of the Holy Mountain.
    • Aktí is on the sea side of the peninsula, the east coast, and is the center for the beach crowd. It is situated at the eastern end of the Xerxes Canal.
    • Amoulián is on the island of the same name. It can be reached by ferry from Prosforion.
  • Village (χορ)
    • Karyes, the capital, is on the Holy Mountain.
  • Gendarmery post (χωροφυλάκ βας)
    • Dafni is the port for the Holy Mountain, located on the bay side. The Holy Mountain is accessible only by ferry from Prosforion. A detachment of gendarmes is stationed there to monitor the entrance to and exit from the Holy Mountain.
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