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"9 & 1/2 weeks later..." is a 2001 movie that tell the story of Stavros Dimitriopolous, a devoted orthodox christian from Chicago who wake up from a coma only to discover that the world is now overrun by nymphomaniac zombies. Stavros must find uninfected allies as well as keeping his virginity.

The movie became infamous for drawing criticisms from both side of the political spectrum. The League for Decency decried the titilating aspect of some scenes while the Green Carnation Party objected to the fact that all the zombies appeared to be gay or at least bisexuals.

A sequel titled "9 1/2 months later" was made the following year. It follows Stavros who, through unknown means, has reach the Monastic Republic and help in its defence against the zombie army of Lord Huge Phalus.

The sequel did poorly mostly due to the lack of shock value when compared with the original.

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