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Ètres-Vivants is the hyper-jass group brought to fame by their debut album Devant les Lions Coming from the conservative southern suburbs of Saint-Louis, this family band of brothers, Yves, Bauche, Lelian Brossard and their friend Chrétien Bakar. All four band members grew up in socially conservative homes, and blame this for their raucous style of music.

In their early childhood their father got odd-jobs around the city, and even for a time, the country. When he secured a job at the Dorris Motorworks the family regained its roots in Saint-Louis. During the summer the kids would jam along on their instruments in the factory parking lot, with Bauche pounding out a fast-paced beat.

Lelian is the singer, lyricist and guitarist, and in some media rags, the agent provocateur within the band. He would often do non-assigned "homework" instead of what the teacher gave, and was of the Ritalin generation, doped up by school administrators who would rather have him and his classmates subdued on drugs than deal with their problems.

One of their current hits is "Bom Bom Bomme."[1]

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